My name is Sam, I'm 5 foot 2 and I had a problem just like you. Ed (Eating Disorder) and Ana (Anorexia Nervosa) used to cause me a lot of strife, so I had this idea and brought it to life. The sacrifices, the hard work, the days I felt as if I were hitting a wall. If this helps just one of you, it will be worth it all.


Q: Why do I need to keep the bars frozen?
A: These bars contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives therefore, they need to preserve their quality. 
Q: What is the shelf life of the bars?
A: The bars have a shelf life of 3 months from the date you make them while kept frozen, they will stay at room temperature for (5) Any thawed and unconsumed bars at room temperature must be discarded after 5 days.
Q: Are the bars supposed to have a spongy consistency when done?
A: Yes, this was done on purposefully for people who have sensitive,brittle or lost teeth due to binging and purging to be able to enjoy them as well. 
Q: Can I eat the bars frozen?
A: Yes, Or you can let them thaw for 15-20 minutes. if you have sensitive or brittle teeth I recommend letting the bars thaw for 30 minutes before consuming for softest texture.
Q: Are the bars Vegan?
A: Yes, along with being Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Rice Free, Oat Free, NON GMO, and No artificial ingredients or preservatives. 
Q: Do you have other flavors coming out?
A: 2 new ones coming out soon!