This Kind Of Makes Me Feel Better

Let's be honest here, you can be a prodigy child of Wolfgang Puck and Rachel Ray and sometimes shit will still hit the fan when you are cooking. Witness the power of when your appliances decide to give you the middle finger.
That looks like it is going to be expensive.
*Via Awesome Inventions
Well then, I was unaware that you can build a mini campfire on the stove.
I'm taking bets on what this actually is
*Via Just Something (creative)
My heart breaks for this person, R.I.P. toaster oven
*Via Bored Pasta
This is actually quite impressive to burn this that badly
*Via Eternally Sunny
I get it, it's warm and toasty in there
*Via Diply
That is going to be one happy dog.
*Via Fine Dining Lovers
*Via Nutrition and Food
I really think Olive Garden should start doing this at the table like Dairy Queen does this with their blizzards. 
*Via Piximus
*Via Steemit

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