Unnecessary, Says Who?!

Okay so while trying to write a post for something completely different, I came across what is deemed "unnecessary kitchen appliances." Unnecessary my ass! I would personally use each and every one of these items!
*Via Pinterest
*Via architectureartdesigns.com
*Via We Like Viral
*Via Brit and Co.
*Via CoolThings.com
*Via TheThings.com
*Via Awesome Stuff 365
*Via YouTube.com
*Via Spoon University
*Via Spoon University
*Via Reader's Digest
*Via Architecture and Design
*Via Future Horizons
Chopping onions is probably the WORST thing you can ask someone to do. It is up there with trying to make a quick trip to IKEA on a Sunday. Anything to make the task at hand a bit easier, is greatly appreciated.
*Via LifeHack

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